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Motion AI Review | Can Motion AI Improve Your Productivity?


In the midst of my dynamic career spanning pharmacy, academia, and entrepreneurship, I've often found myself longing for a singular tool that caters to the myriad roles I juggle. As a senior lecturer, an advanced specialist pharmacist, and a small business owner, my life is anything but straightforward. Enter Motion AI, which seemed to offer the nuanced support I was seeking. So, does Motion AI genuinely understand the intricacies of my professional world?

Features & Functionality:

1. Automated Scheduling: One of my greatest challenges has been fitting lectures, hospital duties, and business engagements into a single day. Motion AI’s promise of a tailored timetable was a real boon. It doesn't just draft a calendar; it crafts a day where each of my commitments finds its rightful place. Also, see that little bar at the top that says 6.7mmol/L, that’s my current blood glucose level, I have managed to sync my continuous glucose monitor with my calendar, so I know my sugars when I am working (amazing!).

2. Intuitive Prioritisation: With so many tasks across different roles, deciding what comes first can be daunting. Motion AI adeptly ranks my tasks in order of their importance, you can grade your tasks in order of importance easily on the application.

3. Auto-Rescheduling & Tracking: If I get unexpectedly held up and cannot meet my planned commitments, Motion AI steps in. The app reschedules and recalibrates, ensuring no other aspect of my day suffers. Moreover, it keeps track of every deadline, from student marking to business deliverables.

4. Meeting Management: My days often comprise diverse meetings - from university discussions to NHS briefings and client consultations. Motion AI organises these astutely, ensuring each receives its due without swamping me. You can also create dedicated meeting booking blocks and Motion AI can sync to your Microsoft Teams or Zoon and create a meeting link automatically.

5. Dedicated Focus Blocks: When I sit down to create pharmacy content or plan a lecture, I need undisturbed concentration. Motion AI seems to grasp this, carving out blocks where my thoughts can flow freely.

6. All-In-One Interface: Having all my commitments in one place has been transformative. Instead of juggling multiple diaries, Motion AI offers a singular view of my academic, NHS, and business tasks.

Potential Drawbacks:

Whilst Motion AI has been a game-changer, there are aspects to ponder:

  • Its extensive automation, though mostly spot-on, occasionally misses the subtleties across my roles, requiring a manual touch.

  • Initially, adapting to the system required a touch of patience and a dash of effort from me. As is the case with most such applications, the app thrives on the quality of the data you feed it. Treat it as your dedicated personal assistant, and it will perform spectacularly; however, sporadic usage won't yield the best results.


For someone like me, who seamlessly bridges the realms of academia, the hospital, and business, Motion AI has become more than a tool—it's my daily linchpin. It doesn't merely promise professional streamlining but genuinely promotes personal well-being. By weaving together, the multifaceted demands of my life, it has ushered in a sense of clarity and harmony. With Motion AI by my side, I feel equipped to navigate my diverse roles whilst still cherishing personal moments. Try it for free for 7 days here:

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