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My name is Yasir, I am a Specialist Antimicrobial Pharmacist and Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice working in the United Kingdom.

I created MicroPharm to provide high quality medical education for students and healthcare professionals. 

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SkillShare Study Smart Class

One thing I have struggled with, as well as the students I teach, is knowing how to effectively revise for examinations! I have put together a series of videos looking at the evidence behind different study methods and what I have found works for me!

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Soha Ahmed

"The events were very good and informative. The layout was good and it was good to have an overview of the medication classes before doing the MCQ question. Thank you so much for your help"

Tanisha Raj

"Very informative sessions! I feel more comfortable with the different classes of antimicrobials and when they are used. Really enjoyed how interactive the session was with the quiz!"

Nimrah Aslam

"Really appreciated you going over the main concepts before the quizzes. overall great interactive session! Look forward to attending more of your courses in the future."