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I have been studying for 5 years as an undergraduate student and 2 years as a post graduate student, from the the 5 years of studying as an undergraduate I realised that I have never been taught how to study for an exam.

As a post graduate student I started to look into the evidence base behind different study methods and found out I was very inefficient the entire time - this class will provide you with all the information I wish I had when I was a student!

Think about it, when was the last time someone explained to you the evidence base behind different study techniques or has someone ever taught you how to study for an exam in the first place?!

One paper in 1989 stated "psychologists have been developing and evaluating the efficacy of techniques for study and instruction for more than 100 years. Nevertheless, some effective techniques are under-utilised — many teachers do not learn about them, and hence many students do not use them, despite evidence suggesting that the techniques could benefit student achievement with little added effort. Also, some learning techniques that are popular and often used by students are relatively ineffective. One potential reason for the disconnect between research on the efficacy of learning techniques and their use in educational practice is the fact that there are so many techniques available, so it would be difficult for educators to sift through these techniques to see what would be easy and effective for their students."

I set up a poll on instagram to ask people how they study for an exam and the results showed that over 66% of the followers stated they use rereading, highlighting or note taking as a method to study. Evidence has shown that these 3 methods of study have the lowest value and effectiveness when it comes to studying for exam.

I created a course to focus on how to study effectively and the evidence base behind different study methods. The research papers I look at focus on effective study techniques that could be implemented across a wide range of different subject areas. I also discuss how I use the most effective study methods within my own learning and how you could implement these methods.

You can access the course for free here:

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